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Only the most plump, sweetest Navels are hand selected for this gift! Navels are super sweet, thin skinned, seedless and practically bursting with juice. A Florida favorite – each bite reminds you of how a real orange tastes! Looking to buy navel oranges online? You’re at the right place.

Available mid-November through mid-January

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  • Navel 1 tray_2632

    Navel Oranges

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  • Navels & Ruby Red Grapefruit

    Famous Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit & Navel Oranges

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  • Honeybell Trio

    Honeybell Trio with Honeybells, Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit

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  • holiday_triple_treat__70750.1444054383.1280.1280

    Holiday Triple Treat- Navel Orange, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Tangelos

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  • florida-tangerines-navels-tray__59440.1472667533.1280.1280

    Florida Tangerines & Navel Oranges

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  • jan-orange-trio__17894.1509049065.231.231

    January Orange Trio

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  • 4_orange_variety_box__30303.1444057563.1280.1280

    Four Orange Varieties

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  • jan_super6__81776.1445277225.231.231

    January Super Six

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  • navels-honeybells-9pack__20058.1472086339.1280.1280

    Honeybells & Navels

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  • florida-grove-basket__40493.1509052807.1280.1280

    Florida Grove Baskets- Oranges & Ruby Red Grapfruit

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  • jan-orange-trio__17894.1509049065.231.231


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  • sugar-bell-medley-large__95712.1509047820.231.231

    Sugar Bell Medley

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  • Peck & Grove

    Florida Grove Basket- All Oranges

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